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Stargazing sessions are supported by the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York.

The Baseball Diamonds

To arrive by subway, take the "A" train to the last stop. Come out the stairs at the front of the train, and go up the hill alongside the church. This entrance is right in front of you. The distance between the meeting place and the subway is two short blocks at Isham and Seaman Streets. Click here to learn more about Inwood Hill Park. You do not need to bring a telescope. I will provide telescopes to look through. It is an amazing view of the heavens. You'll see planets, stars and nebulae!

I was a Media Contact for the Eclipse 2017. Please email me here, and I will respond as soon as I get your note. I was in Glendo, Wyoming for the eclipse. The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York did eclipse activities in Red Hook, Brooklyn at Pioneer Works on the 21st! Below is a video I did on FOX News.

Eclipse FAQs

  • Can I get glasses anywhere? Probably not at this point. Also, don't get them from street vendors. There are fakes that will hurt your eyes.
  • How can I see it safely? Join the AAA at Pioneer Works, or at the AMNH, or go make your own pinhole projector with stuff you have in your kitchen.
  • I'm with the media or a group and I need an expert to be at my function. Sorry, but you are way too late. You needed to have planned it months ago. All astronomers who really are into it, are in the path of totality.
  • Dang it, I really want to drive and see totality! Best of luck, but remember that the roads will be packed and likely the state troopers of your location will be shutting down roads getting to and from the path of totality. So make sure you have a full tank of gas. If you do a crazy drive, don't sleep on people's lawns, and don't park overnight in residential areas. Be respectful of where you go.
  • https://eclipse.aas.org
  • https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov

Stargazing and Public Events

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